Why invest in the Cell Memory Release Method Certification Course?

  • Do you have clients that seem to have unresolved issues? Have you wondered if there are stored emotions or trauma on a physical body level, that may prevent them finishing their process with you? Learn a new tool to help clear layers of stored memories and emotions on the body level, and help your clients to finish what they start with you!

  • The Cell Memory Release Method can be used with clients that have issues with physical illness, releasing trapped emotions, PTSD or trauma release, depression, alcohol and substance abuse, weight problems, dealing with fear, birth trauma, birthing preparation for mothers, relationship and intimacy problems and much more! ,

  • Cell Memory Release (CMR) is complimentary with other modalities such as Massage Therapy, Osteopathy, Doula and birthing support, Talk Therapy, as well as other energy work such as Reiki, and Theta Healing. CMR enables you to take your modality to the next level of healing support.

  • Cell Memory Release Method (CMR) is an excellent response to the need for online client support,such as has been needed with the recent COVID-19 situation. CMR is an effective tool that you can use with your clients ONLINE as well as in person.

  • This practitioner certification course walks you through the method completely by including: a One on One CMR Personal Session with CMR Method Creator David Somerville; actual client CMR session audio recordings with teaching commentary; CMR Self Treatment method; and a requirement to practise with volunteer clients and more.

  • This practitioner certification course prepares you with practical tools to use this method with clients in your existing practice or as a stand alone tool in your beginning practice. You will be given common session problem scenarios and solutions that come from real client situations, that can prepare you should these scenarios occur in your sessions.

  • Being a Certified Cell Memory Release Practitioner allows you to add another leg under the table of your business. Adding more effective tools to serve your clients needs, can only help your business grow.

  • You have access to 1 Cell Memory Release (CMR) session with David to experience what CMR is all about at a 50% OFF rate of $55 CAD (Reg. $110 CAD)

  • Payment plan is available! Contact me at info@transformativebeliefwork.com if you are interested in paying for the course over 2 payments.

CMR Practitioner Testimonials

Shannon Edgett

Certified CMR Practitioner, Theta Healing Practitioner, Mindset Maven.

Check out Shannon's Mindset Maven page:


Michele Arsenault

Certified CMR Practitioner, RMT, RRT, Reiki Master, Theta Healer, Cranialsacral Therapist, Acupuncture Therapist, Spiritual Alignment Connection, Access Bars and much more.

Check out her website at vmtb.ca

Linda Lang

Certified CMR Practitioner, Master Healer, Transformational Guide and Mentor, Podcast Host (Exploring the Mystical Side of Life)

Check out Linda's website and podcasts:


Course curriculum

  1. 02
    • Audio Example of a CMR session with a client

  2. 03
    • CMR Description - Introduction to the CMR Session Description and Steps

    • Heart Expansion Meditation for Practitioners

    • Working with first time clients

    • Show the client how to muscle test

    • Heart Expansion Meditation for Clients

    • STEP 1 - Reconnecting to Heart

    • STEP 2 - Where are the memories stored?

    • STEP 3 - Connect to the memories in each area

    • STEP 4 - Witness the area

    • STEP 5 - Witness Creator removing the memories

    • Dealing with attachments when they come up in a session

    • STEP 6 - Confirm the memories are removed

    • STEP 7 - How does it feel there now?

    • STEP 8 - Bring the change into NOW time

    • What's with all the witnessing?

    • STEP 9 - Connecting all the areas worked on

  3. 04
    • What is Body Symbology – Mapping where stored emotions reside

    • CMR Method and Body Symbology - Mapping of Emotions

    • CMR Printable Client Memory Body Maps

  4. 05
  5. 06
    • CMR Method - Self Treatment

  6. 07
    • CMR Session Audio - One on One Client Sessions

    • Example CMR Session Notes

    • Example CMR Session 1 - Issues Getting Pregnant

    • Example CMR Session 1 with Teaching Commentary - Issues Getting Pregnant

    • CMR Example Session 2 - Fibromyalgia

    • CMR Example Session 2 with Teaching Commentary - Fibromyalgia

    • Example CMR Session 3 - Fear of Dying

    • Example CMR Session 3 with Teaching Commentary - Fear of Dying

    • Example CMR Session 4 - Mold and Bacterial Infections

    • Example CMR Session 4 with Teaching Commentary - Mold and Bacterial Infections

    • Example CMR Session 5 - Pattern of Giving Up on Things

    • Example CMR Session 5 with Teaching Commentary - Pattern of Giving Up on Things

  7. 08
    • Heart Expansion Meditation for Practitioners

    • Heart Expansion Meditation for Clients

    • CMR Self Treatment Steps


    • CMR Method and Body Symbology - Mapping of Emotions

    • CMR Printable Client Memory Body Maps

    • CMR Client Informed Consent Form

  8. 09
    • One on One Mentoring Sessions Available!

  9. 10
    • Doing Three CMR Sessions with Volunteers

    • CMR Client Informed Consent Form

  10. 11
    • CMR Method Final Exam Requirements

    • Cell Memory Release Method Final Exam

  11. 12
    • Getting Your CMR Method Practitioner Certificate

  12. 13
    • Thank you for taking the journey into Cell Memory Release!

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  • Can working with clients online using the CMR Method be as effective as working in person?

    YES! Since developing and using this method with clients both in person and online, I have found that both are effective. The actual process is about having the client witness areas in their own body, they are able to do this both online and in person.

  • Is there a set time frame for me to complete this Certification course?

    No. Once you have purchased access to the course content, you can work on it as you are able too, until you have completed it. Once completed you will receive your certification and be able to promote and use the CMR Method with clients. Of course, it is best to complete the content as soon as you can, to allow you to integrate what you have learned and experienced in your volunteer sessions more easily.

  • Do you offer further support for the CMR Method after I have completed it?

    YES! We offer One on One CMR Method and Developing Your Intuitive Self (with Donna Somerville) Mentoring sessions at a reasonable fee to help answer any issues or questions you might have when working with clients. The course even though it gives you a great foundation and some of the client issues that I have encountered in sessions does not cover every scenario you might encounter with your clients. As well, I have created an online Facebook CMR Method group that you can access to post your questions to myself and other CMR Method Practitioners. I will be doing LIVE Facebook video chats too!

  • Can I download the course content to access offline?

    Yes and no. Most of the course content is only available online. The content is mostly in audio format, with some video content , text and PDF (downloadable). Of course access to the online course content does not expire.

  • Can I change and use the CMR Method the way I am inspired too to fit the needs of my clients?

    YES! The CMR Method course is to teach you the method I was inspired to use with clients the way I work with clients. As a practitioner of many modalities, I have at times been inspired to change the methods I was taught in the training I had originally received. This was to best serve the client I was working with. I of course want you to do feel comfortable doing the same if you are inspired too. My goal is to give you the foundation of what the CMR Method that you can definitely follow with your clients, but if you are inspired to make it something better and more effective, please do!

  • Can I teach the CMR Method to others?

    No. I may at some point create a CMR Method Teachers course where you as a CMR Method Practitioner can teach other practitioners what I am teaching you in this online course.

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Instructor Bio:

David was inspired to create the Cell Memory Release Method to help his clients that had physical illness, trauma response, trapped emotions and more on a body level that were not resolved using the other tools he brought to his client sessions. As an Emotional Healer, Certified Rebirther and experience using the TRE method, he realized that he needed to find or develop another tool he could use with this clients online in his one on one client sessions. The result was the CELL MEMORY RELEASE METHOD! He has been working with clients himself using the CMR Method for over four years with wonderful results. He created this certification course as he felt it was time to share this method with other practitioners to help them with their own clients and in their business growth as well. David works online with clients in one on one sessions. He focuses on helping clients remove Mind Level limiting beliefs and patterns, Body Level stored memories and emotions as well as Heart Level emotional attachments. To check out more about David and other services he offers check out his website at www.transformativebeliefwork.com

David Somerville

CMR Method Creator and Practitioner